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Woodstrip Rowing Craft by Susan Van Leuven

Woodstrip Rowing Craft by Susan Van LeuvenIt is finally here... a comprehensive guide to construction of wood strip rowing craft. Wood strip construction is renowned for its facility in producing sophisticated hull shapes, and can be mastered by the home builder interested in creating a quality boat. This book introduces rowers to the delights of constructing the ideal boat, to meet one's particular needs and aesthetic desires. The wooden parts are made with ordinary wood shop tools, employing standard working techniques. The first-time user, following the detailed instructions in this book, can apply fiberglass and epoxy successfully. Finishing methods are also presented, to help builders show off their craftsmanship to best advantage.

This volume includes step-by-step construction notes for two different rowing boats. A fast but stable craft developed for sport fishing (The Rangeley Lake Boat), and a sleek pulling boat for sliding seat rowing (Liz) offer two distinctly different alternatives to suit different tastes and uses. The building processes are illustrated in detail so that readers may complete a boat relying on this book as an instruction reference.

So open the cover, and turn the pages to learn how you can build your own beautiful and able rowing craft.

288 pages, over 800 photos, and 53 line drawings.

Read John Michne's review of this book!


Kayaks You Can Build by Ted Moores & Greg Rossel

Kayaks You Can Build by Ted Moores & Greg RosselIn this well written and illustrated, hard cover, four color book Ted and Greg give us everything we need to know about building Stitch n Glue and Kayaks. First there is a little history of the hard chined kayak, then the reader is taken through many of the common procedures for most plywood kayak kits (drilling holes, joining planks, applying epoxy). Finally, the authors build three different kayaks from kits supplied by three different manufacturers, one of which is a Hybrid.

Especially helpful are the hints, tricks, and techniques that are highlighted every few pages. Even if you have already built a plywood kayak you will find this book very useful and educational.


KayakCraft by Ted Moores

KayakCraft by Ted MooresTed Moores uses the skills he has developed in wood strip canoe building to walk you through the building process of the popular Steve Killing design Endeavour 17. With this book you get the lines and offsets to build Endeavour, plus 3 other strip-built kayaks. Ted shows you tips and techniques that can be used on most strip-built boats. Good pictures and technical explanation.


Canoecraft by Ted Moores

Canoecraft by Ted MooresAfter 12 printings and more than 140,000 copies sold, Canoecraft has been completely revised and expanded to include new designs and is illustrated with dozens of new photographs taken by Ted and his daughter Jennifer. Canoecraft now contains text on maintenance and repair, paddle making, sharpening and using tools, making feature planks, stapleless construction and has updated sources for materials. There are also offsets for five new designs, the Freedom 17, Bob's Special, Redbird, Prospector, Ranger, Hiawatha, Rob Roy, and Huron Cruiser.


Illustrated Guide to Wood Strip Canoe Building by Susan Van Leuven

Illustrated Guide to Wood Strip Canoe Building by Susan Van LeuvenSusan Van Leuven takes you through the complete construction process from cutting and erecting your own forms, to stapleless construction, fiberglassing, designing your yoke and gunwales. She is very good at presenting several methods to accomplish each phase of the process. The canoe Susan is building is the Wee Lassie II, designed by Mac McCarthy and featured in his book, Featherweight Boatbuilding.


Building an Adirondack Guideboat by Michael Olivette and John Michne

Building an Adirondack Guideboat by Michael Olivette and John MichneJohn and Michael spent a couple of years building several boats and refining the techniques that they present in this book. It is an extremely well written account of building an Adirondack Guideboat that is stripped with cedar over ribs and glassed on the outer hull. The authors supply a wealth of pictures and diagrams to pass on their years of experience. The result is a traditional looking Guideboat that is reasonably maintenance free. Note that this construction method differs slightly from the Guideboat kit that we offer in that this has ribs inside. If you want the traditional look, this is it!

This book is no longer in print, and the printed version is not available. But Wait! John has prepared a CD and thumb drive that both contain the entire book exactly as originally printed, in a PDF file. Along with the book, John has included PDF CAD drawings of two rib sets, three seats, a backrest, and the stem. If you have the drawing files printed full size, you will save a month’s work doing full-size manual lofting. There is also a draft Introduction to the Second Edition, expected to be out next year. Besides the stripping info, the second edition will have a full description of traditional planking, and lots more! Note: A PDF file will not work in a Kindle.

Available only in CD or USB Flash Drive for $40 each.


The Strip-Built Sea Kayak by Nick Shade

The Strip-Built Sea Kayak by Nick ShadeThis book has launched hundreds of home built kayaks. Nick created his own unique strongback, cockpit treatment, and design shapes. Offsets for three kayaks are included: the Great Auk, the Guillemot and the Guillemot Double. There are chapters on kayak design and creative stripping.


Featherweight Boatbuilding by Mac McCarthy

Featherweight Boatbuilding by Mac McCarthyMac McCarthy has been building the Wee Lassie and Wee Lassie II for years in his shop in Sarasota, FL. In the summer he used to travel north to Brookline, Maine to conduct classes at the Woodenboat School. This book is a collection of all of his building tips and information but even more, he describes paddling these canoes in various situations and locations. This book is worth having in your library just for the stories; the building instruction is frosting on the cake.


Greenland Paddles, Step by Step by Brian Nystrom

Greenland Paddles, Step by Step by Brian NystromThis is a carefully thought out procedure to making your own lightweight, greenland style kayak paddle. The author takes you through picking out the lumber, laying out the shape, tool choice and sharpening, shaping the paddle and finishing. This is an excellent book that has inspired us to make several paddles that have become the favorites every time we go paddling.


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